The length of each walk varies depending on the pace of the walkers so the time given is just an indication. I will be introducing new walks during the year so do keep an eye on my web site. The cost of the walks varies between £5 and £10, depending on their length.


For those who live in and around Askew Road, this is definitely the walk for you. Is your road built on former brickfields, was your house a laundry and where would you have bought your bread in 1900?

Time:  Just over two hours


Now regarded as the world's first garden suburb with many of the houses designed by the famous architect of the late nineteenth century, Richard Norman Shaw, come and explore the streets of this unique part of Chiswick which over the years has been home to artists, writers and poets.

Time:  Two hours 



Overlooking the river, this delightful park complete with Margate Sands continues to give pleasure to residents and visitors alike.  It is overlooked by Fulham Football Club's stadium, the former summer palace for the Bishop of London and the church of All Saints.   Close by are some charming almshouses and the last kiln of The Fulham Pottery.

Time:  One and a half hours


Once known as 'Pope's Corner', this hidden green in Hammersmith has been the home for many famous residents ranging from artists to highway men.   The walk also takes in surrounding streets and you will discover what business flourished where Olympia now stands and the building where the D Day invasion was planned.

Time:  One and three quarter hours 


Chiswick Mall has some of the finest riverside houses in west London. On this walk you will visit one of the smallest squares in London, see where the first torpedo boats were built and find the final resting place of some famous artists.

Time:  One and a half hours


Explore 'lion' country, visit the site of a former polo ground, learn about market gardens which supplied grand houses with exotic plants and trees and where women prisoners were housed in the nineteenth century.

Time: Two hours


Rowing clubs and artists studios, fine houses and fishermen's cottages, schools and industry have all jostled for space along this beautiful stretch of the river Thames.  Discover where Queen Catherine of Braganza entertained her guests and William Morris wove his Hammersmith Carpets.

Time:  One and three quarter hours


Hidden in this lovely park are the remains of a Jacobean mansion and an entire Japanese garden.... and much more.   

Time: One and a half hours



As the hill slopes down from Notting Hill Gate to Shepherd's Bush lies Notting Dale where crowds once came to enjoy a day at the Hippodrome Race Course.   It was also known for it's piggeries and potteries - the pigs have long gone but there is still a reminder of it's pottery history.

Time:  One and three quarter hours


Every year I organise a London walk between some of our lovely Thames side palaces.   In previous years we have taken in the palaces at Greenwich, Fulham, Richmond, Kew and Hampton Court.  They all fortunately have pubs close by where we can take refreshment.

Time:  Varies between two hours and the best part of a day, depending on the palace selection


Learn why the road is so named, how the now famous market has grown over the last 150 years and where one of the country's well known authors once lived.

Time:  One and three quarter hours


For five centuries Ravenscourt was a private house set in the middle of a vast estate. A king's mistress, Lord Mayor of London and Dutch builder have all owned the land, developing gardens around the house which have helped to create the park we know today.

Time: One and a half hours


After exploring the Green, the walk takes us to the site of the 1908 Olympics, through a hidden Japanese Garden and to Lime Grove where many films and television programmes were made and Charles Dickens saved some 'fallen women'.

Time:  Two hours


During this easy stroll around Stamford Brook you will pass the home and studio of a famous French painter, see where horses that pulled trams were stabled and cricket was once played a hundred years ago.

Time: One and a half hours


Keep your feet dry on this walk (though they might get a little muddy on the tow path) as you follow the course of the annual University race from Putney to Mortlake. On the river's banks you will pass a former furniture depository, tapestry factory and several breweries.

Time:  Two and a half hours


If you would like a private walk on a day and time to suit you and friends, I am very happy to do this, just get in touch with me.


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