“I have excellent vision, but Caroline MacMillan's walks opened my eyes to such an extent that it feels as though previously I was not seeing things properly. The fascinating history of the streets where I live came alive through her enthusiasm and detailed knowledge. I had no idea that our neighbourhood was so interesting. It was thrilling to discover the social history - what the shops and pubs used to be like - how they haven't changed much in a hundred years. I especially enjoyed Caroline's Thames walk because of her stories about the intellectuals and creative people who lived in Hammersmith in houses by the river. More importantly she kept everyone (and that was a wide mix of people from teenagers to octogenarians) together as a group - it was fun for all of us. More please! ”

Cresta N lives near the Askew Road and attended two walks, Askew and Hammersmith

“Having lived in the neighbourhood for over 30 years I realize how little I know about it. Caroline's walks have enabled me to see my area with new eyes. They are informative and you get to meet lots of interesting new people. A must if you want to find out more about the history of Hammersmith.”

Joan C

“Caroline MacMillan is a charming and informative guide. Her detailed knowledge, based on years of research, is both enlightening and thought-provoking. Sprinkled with amusing anecdotes and serious history, she varies the pace from brisk to relaxed and offers a thoroughly enjoyable lesson. Book early: she's much in demand!”

David C

“The walk around old Chiswick by the river was a delight. Caroline had obviously done her research well and left us all wanting more"

John H

“We thought we knew W12 but wanted to discover a little more about the Askew Road. Caroline’s historical walk was not just well informed but absolutely fascinating - from the people the roads are named after and the incredible variation in architecture to the industries that helped to develop the area. If you think you know where you live, you should take a second look with the local historian!”

Bryony F

“Caroline's walks are meticulously researched, very well structured and above all hugely enjoyable!

Oddly, the streets we often know least well are those that we walk down every single day. Walking with Caroline will give you a fresh perspective on familiar territory - whether you've been on familiar terms for just a few weeks or all your life.

I'm still amazed how much there was to explore on the Askew Road walk - pre-history to recent music history in the space of a couple of hours. A testament to Caroline's skill as a guide!”

Alex C