London is my home and west London is where I have lived for most of my life.

My walks are informal, full of interesting and unusual facts and, most of all, are to be enjoyed.

I would love to share with you the fascinating history of this wonderful city, contact me for meeting venue.  

  • Saturday 21 July:  10am:  WALK THE BOAT RACE.  My annual guided walk (on firm ground) from the start of the University Boat Race in Putney to the finishing post in Mortlake.
  • Tuesday 24 July:  10am:  PORTOBELLO ROAD.  Discover how the now famous market started and where George Orwell once lived.
  • Sunday 5 August:  10am:  RICHMOND.  This is a joy of a walk discovering Richmond's long gone Palace, the riverside and then THE VIEW.  It is a good two and a half hours so be prepared.
  • Saturday 18 August:  10am:  SHEPHERD'S BUSH.  From pineapple growers to footballers, theatres to markets and much more.
  • Thursday 23rd August:  10am:  BROOK GREEN.  Tucked away close to Hammersmith Broadway is this oasis of green, once known as Pope's Corner.

Please email me for meeting place and a donation of £5 is appreciated.

Click on the arrow below to listen to the podcast I recently recorded for Radio Gorgeous.   Sorry about the advertisement at the beginning but am unable to remove it.  

Contact Caroline for further details