London is my home and west London is where I have lived for most of my life.

My walks are informal, full of interesting and unusual facts and, most of all, are to be enjoyed.

I would love to share with you the fascinating history of this wonderful city, contact me for meeting venue.   

  • Tuesday 23 October:  10.00am: PUTNEY RIVERSIDE  Tucked away behind the busy high street lie quiet streets, some lined with terraces of workmen's cottages, others with imposing grand Victorian houses.
  • Saturday 27 October:  10.00am:  ASKEW ROAD For those who live around Askew Road, this is definitely the walk for you. Is your road built on former brickfields, was your house a laundry and where would you have bought your bread in 1900?

Please email me for meeting place and a donation of £5 is appreciated.

Click on the arrow below to listen to the podcast I recently recorded for Radio Gorgeous.   Sorry about the advertisement at the beginning but am unable to remove it.  

Contact Caroline for further details